Just Arrived: Vanleigh by Tiffin

In our never-ending quest to be the Premier RV Dealer in the Midwest, Lifestyle RVs would like to introduce Vanleigh by Tiffin.
The Vanleigh brand may be new, but the vision began long ago. Their dedication to serving the customer first has been cultivated and passed down through generations of the Tiffin family.
For over 40 years, Bob Tiffin worked hard to satisfy his customers. His approach was to build a great product. Tiffin Motorhomes soon became the gold standard throughout the industry as other companies scrambled to follow.
Then Leigh Tiffin had an idea. Why not create a new venture. To serve a new kind of customer: the prospective fifth-wheel owner? Leigh and Van knew the RV market, having served customers who primarily wanted motorhomes. But that left a significant population of people unserved. Fifth-wheel customers are different from motorhome customers. And Leigh and Van knew that from their experience at Tiffin. Their dedication to the customer had been instilled in them from the beginning. Adjusting to this new market, while challenging, was almost natural to them. To this day, the company they built together, Vanleigh, continues to strive to meet the needs of this ever-evolving market. And as a result, they’ve put out some of the best fifth-wheels on the road today.
All of the highly sought-after characteristics of the Tiffin products were passed down. Dedication to craft, relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, and the sense of community between the founders and the customers. That’s because Van and Leigh Tiffin have a hand in all of the daily operations at the Vanleigh plant, from design, production, and engineering all the way down to sales and customer service. The Tiffin name practically guarantees a dedication to customer service. That’s why when we say each Vanleigh is built around you, the customer, we mean it.
Three models have already arrived on our lot in Grain Valley:
You really must see these coaches in person!
But for now, photos will have to do…
Call now to schedule a time to tour these beauties in person!
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