Travel For Less

ravel for Less

RV’s Make for Fun, Affordable Travel

RVs make economic sense. Many models allow a family of four to save up to 70 percent on vacation costs over other forms of travel. And this factors in

RV ownership costs, including payments, insurance, maintenance, tires, registration, and depreciation.

Want to take your family of four to Orlando for a week? Traveling in a typical family motorhome will cost you 43 percent less than flying, renting a car, staying in a hotel, and eating out. A trip to the Grand Canyon in a folding camping trailer will cost 52 percent less than driving and using hotels and restaurants.

PKF Consulting, an international travel and tourism research firm, recently conducted a complete vacation analysis and found family RV vacations are more affordable than travel by personal car, train, airline, or cruise ship.

Not only do other forms of travel cost more, the outlay typically covers only one vacation. Not so with an RV. It’s ready to go again whenever you are.

It all adds up. RVing gives you the most for your vacation dollars.

“To fly with the three kids would be well over $1,500, and when you add in hotels,renting a car, and eating out all the time, it really adds up.  We can now travel from Louisville to New Hampshire for about 50% of what is used to costs to fly.”
– RV renter Steven Webster of Louisville, KY.

“For the vast majority of RV buyers, the interest on their motorhome or towable unit is deductible at tax time because it qualifies as a second home.”
– David J. Humphreys, president of Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)

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